Contract Acceptance Letter Template

By | March 1, 2012


Name [name of the recipient of the letter]

Address [the contact address of the recipient]

Date [the date of writing the letter]

Subject: [informing about the acceptance of the contract]

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

You would be pleased to know that your request for the contract, dated ______ [date when the contract deal was requested] of order number ________ [the legal order number of the contract] has been approved and accepted by the management of our company ______ [name of the company].

Keeping in account all the legalities of the project, the contract work has to be started on ________ [the date of starting the contract work] and has to be concluded by _______ [the date of ending the contract work].

The financial details of this contract assignment would soon be corresponded to you.

Yours truly,

Name [full name of the sender]

Designation [position that the sender holds]

Name [name of the company]

Full Address [official contact address]




Acceptance Letters

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