Construction Project Guarantee Letter Template

By | November 3, 2010

Royal British Government


Letter of Credit for and on behalf of Morrison Construction Corp. London

Ref. Letter of Intent issued by your department in favour of the aforesaid

construction company for execution of a turnkey project.

This bank takes pleasure in issuing this letter of credit worth GBP 75,000,000 [seventy five million pounds sterling only] in your favour against Morrison Construction Corporation, London.

Morrison Construction Corporation, London has been our accredited client for the last 30 years and has been successfully executing Government contracts – small, medium and big – in construction of buildings, flyovers, bridges – road over rail and rail over road, etc.

We hereby certify that the said Morrison Construction Corporation has highly qualified and experienced engineers who are capable of building aforesaid structures satisfactorily and have not earned any disreputation whatsoever.

In the unlikely event of Morrison Construction Corporation, London not being able to deliver quality construction contract as aforesaid, we, undertake to compensate to your department a value not exceeding GBP75,000,000[seventy five million sterling pounds] without recourse by the said Morrison Construction Corporation, London.

Thank you,


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