Condolence Letter Templates

By | April 23, 2012

Condolence letter templates are layouts for framing letters that typically consist of condolence messages. Condolence is an expression to stand by an individual and help the person overcome his/ her loss of near and loved ones. It is an extremely difficult task to gather suitable words for the occasion, to be supportive and show enough empathy without seeming to be too overtly. Hence, the best way to design condolence letters is to keep them short and contain only those words that the particular person can connect to and gain mental strength from, to fight back all losses.

Hence, condolence letter templates should take into notice the following tips that would help frame an appropriate letter for the purpose:

Sympathy: The templates are framed in a general pattern and should contain simple but basic words of sympathy, just to help a person heal himself and get along with life, rather than breaking down his will power.

Fighting spirit and strength: The choice of words for these types of templates should be such that they help a person to accept the present and trust in Almighty to help him recover from the loss at the earliest.

Short but sincere: The templates should have such a structure that corresponds to the set format of condolence letters, which do not look too formal but bring out the words of sympathy in a true and sincere tone.

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