Compassionate Leave Letter Template

By | May 16, 2012


___________ [Name of the recipient]

___________ [Designation and name of the organization of recipient]

___________ [Address of the organization]

Date: ________ [dd/ mm/ yy]

Subject: Compassionate leave letter

Dear _____ [name of the recipient with appropriate salutation]

I am writing this letter to request for compassionate leave for the purpose of _____________ [write the purpose of the compassionate leave] for _____ days [number of days for which you want leave].

I really apologize for the inconvenience that will be caused to the organization and my team due to this unplanned urgent leave but I hope that you’ll also understand my situation. I assure you that I’ll compensate my absence by working for longer hours after resuming back to work.

I am really grateful to you and hope that you’ll cooperate with me by assigning this urgent compassionate leave.

Thanks & Regards,

________ [Name of the sender]

________ [Designation and department of the sender]

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