Colleague condolence letter template

By | April 23, 2012


_________________ [Name of the recipient]

________________ [Designation of the recipient]

_______________ [Department in which the recipient is working]

___________________ [Address of the organization]

Dated: ______________

Dear Mr./ Mrs. ____________ [last name of the recipient],

It is a tragic news that we lost our colleague ___________________ [here mention the name of the deceased] on _________________ [date on which the deceased passed away]. I was shocked to know that he was suffering from _____________ [illness of the deceased] and he died due to that.

He was a hard working individual and a very helpful colleague.  His ___________________________ [mention in details the achievements of the deceased] has always benefited and added to the progress of the organization. It is rare to find colleagues like him.

We will feel his absence at office. Let us pray for his journey abode and may his soul rest in peace.

______________ [Name of the sender]

________________ [Designation of the sender]

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