Client Termination Letter Template

By | July 9, 2012


________________ [recipient name]

_______________ [recipient designation]

_______________ [company name]

________________ [address line 1]

________________ [address line 2]

_______________ [Date of writing the letter]

Subject: Client termination letter

Dear ______________ [recipient name]

I am directed by the management of the ________________ [name of the company] to terminate all our business contact with your ____________________ (client name with which contract is to be terminated).We has informed you earlier about_____________________ (the problem faced with the client) and necessary steps to be taken from your side to resolve the issue. Unfortunately no firm step to address the ____________________ (description problem still continuing) was taken from your side; as a result we are forced to end all our business contracts with you.

We will be informing you shortly about the outstanding bill that you are required to pay to our company within the next_____________ (no of days to clear the all the previous dues).We had an excellent business relationship for ____________ (number of months or year) but it is impossible in our interest to carry it further.

Please feel free to contact us in case if you have any queries or wish to know anything about the outstanding liability.

Yours sincerely

____________________ [sender’s name]

_____________________ [sender designation]

____________________ [company]

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