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By | September 29, 2010

August 17, 2010

Mr. A.C. Braid,

General Manager,

ACB Construction & Development, Inc.,

Downtown District,

Businesstown, CA

Dear Mr. Braid,


We would like take this opportunity to thank you for collaborating with us on another new project.  Your professional assistance helped us build a wonderful activity center where our out-of-school youth can spend their time learning new crafts and skills.

The big discounts on the construction materials that you’d been giving us for the past twenty years also helped our organization purchase additional materials for the skills training of our out-of-school youth.  And on the 15th of September, the first batch of our skills training graduates will soon enter a new phase of their lives.

It is our honor to invite you to lead the graduation ceremony that will be held in Downtown gymnasium.  Your presence will help encourage our graduates to live productive lives and to extend their help to those who are in need.

Respectfully yours,

Sheila Martin


Program Director

Center for the Welfare of Out-of-School Youth

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